Turbo Machinery

Turbomachinery plays a vital role in almost all industry sectors. These rotating machine changes the state of working fluids (as in pumps or compressors), convey or transport fluids (fans and pumps), extract energy (turbines) and create propulsion (aircraft engines and propellers).
Performance, efficiency, reliability and rapid delivery have always been important, but today’s world conditions intensify the pressures the designers face. Newer turbomachinery designs are mainly driven by the need for improved performance, reliability, easy to manufacture and short lead time.
Today, simulation tools are heavily used to investigate many aspects of turbomachinery design and performance. The use of these tools has aided companies in a greater understanding of the operating performance of their products, how to improve reliability, reducing design cycle times and costs.

We provide CFD simulation service to wide range of applications including,

  • Pumps
  • Water Turbine
  • Gas Turbine
  • Steam Turbine
  • Axial Compressors
  • Radial Compressors
  • Fans and Browers