Case Studies


Project #1: CFD Analysis of Pelton Turbine Bucket.

The main objective of this project is to visualize water flow in Pelton turbine Bucket and to establish and validate a CFD model that predicts the torque applied to a non-stationary Pelton bucket, subject to a high speed water jet.



Project #2: CFD Analysis of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Enclosure.

In this project Transient Conjugant Heat Transfer (CHT) Simulation of a PCB Enclosure is used to analysed the timing setting of a fan switch used to remove the hot air generated from a PCB within an enclosure, Along with the resulting transient PCB Surface temperatures.



Project #3: Analysis of Exhaust Gas Re-Circulation Cooler (EGR).
The objective is to predict temperature distribution inside the device and Device is studied for heat transfer between exhaust gases and coolant.
Heat flow and mixing was well predicted by this CFD study and Based on analysis data, Amount of heat that can be recovered is found out.



Project #4: Simulation of Flow Through Solar Heater Tubes.

The objective of this project is to observed the location of tube in which flow is largest and find out in which tube flow velocity is highest and slowest.


                                                                                                  And Many More...