Electronic Cooling

All electronic devices and circuitry  generate excess heat and thus require thermal management to improve reliability  and prevent premature failure.
The amount of heat output is equal to the power input, if there are no other energy interactions. There are several techniques for cooling including various styles of heat sinks, thermoelectric coolers, forced air systems and fans, heat pipes, and others. In cases of extreme low environmental temperatures, it may actually be necessary to heat the electronic components to achieve satisfactory operation.

Most electronic components are low power and produce negligible amounts of heat in their operation. Some devices, however such as power transistors, CPUs and power diodes etc produce a significant amount of heat and measures may be necessary to take account of this in order to prolong their working life and increase reliability.

So, we provide various services including,

  • Heat sink design and performance
  • Component and system level analysis
  • Fan performance-location-characteristics
  • Server rack cooling
  • Heat exchanger design and optimization